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Missing or damaged teeth are not only unsightly but also often very painful. If you want help to regain a natural and functional smile, consider seeing a dentist who specializes in prosthodontics. Nicholas Tsiolas, DDS, completed three years of intense postgraduate training at New York University to become a highly skilled “architect of smiles.” Call or go online today to book your appointment in his New York City office.

Prosthodontics Q&A

What is prosthodontics?

Prosthodontics is one of nine dental specialties recognized by the American Dental Association. Prosthodontics involves the diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance of the dental function, comfort, and appearance of patients with missing or damaged teeth.

What does a prosthodontist do?

Prosthodontists are the default dental experts for replacing one, many, or all of your teeth. Their advanced training and experience make prosthodontists the best choice to develop your customized treatment plan. Prosthodontists specialize in treatments including:


Crowns are artificial caps that cover the part of the tooth visible above the gumline. They are cemented to the original tooth and are used to repair fractured or broken teeth. Crowns are often used after root canals.


Titanium dental implants are used to replace the entire tooth including the root. They are implanted directly into the jaw and are used to support replacement teeth, bridges, or dentures. Implants are an investment, but they are designed to last a lifetime.

Fixed bridges

Fixed bridges use existing healthy teeth, or abutment teeth, to support one or many artificial teeth. Crowns are attached to the abutment teeth to hold the fixed bridge in place.


Veneers are thin sheets of resin or porcelain that bond directly to teeth. They are used to improve the size, color, and shape of existing teeth. Some veneers can be shaped and sculpted in the office, while others must be custom-made in an off-site lab from dental impressions.


Dentures improve function and appearance for patients who are missing teeth. Dentures can replace some or all of a patient’s missing teeth. Some dentures attach to dental implants for added stability. Modern dentures are more attractive and durable than ever.

How is prosthodontics different from general dentistry?

To become a prosthodontist, dentists have to complete three years of specialized training after dental school. Not only do prosthodontists replace and repair missing and damaged teeth, but they also screen patients for oral cancer and diagnose and treat certain joint disorders. As a specially trained prosthodontist, Dr. Tsiolas has the expertise and skill to create your life-changing smile makeover.

In rare cases where you need a full mouth rehabilitation, Dr. Tsiolas offers prosthodontic treatment to do so. Call or go online to book your appointment today.